Technical and Artistic Skills

We help companies to reach their full potential by aligning their project needs from ideas to execution. We collaborate with our clients to build effective strategies, innovate, and reduce costs - thereby achieving greater savings for Clients and more sustainable growth. We are entrusted with planning, sourcing, QC, delivery and executing projects for clients. Our expertise, business understanding, and extensive experience with managing product sourcing from China make us the preferred partner for various clients across industries.

We combine our industry insight with a unique mix of global and local expertise to enable clients to meet their project objectives. Our sourcing model is built on global scale and proven processes, methods and tools. We know what the global professional expects: great quality and great design done at the "China Price" that provides the savings one needs to be competitive. With a fully functional and well staffed office in China, we visit vendor factories in China regularly and have close working relationships with the factory owners. We also have our own specialized team based in China that coordinates with factories with specific requirements, inspections and import documentation before the product reaches India. Our Chinese team knows the culture first hand and can negotiate and communicate with factory owners on your behalf.


Our Expertise


It stays with you.

Hospitality is a call of luxury, a call of comfort and also call of treatment.

The industry build mansions with glittering chandeliers, rich carpets and period furniture, creating lush environment here, we provide solutions.

You may ask Better Living Sources lots of questions. Go and do research, then decide realistically. But, at the end; most importantly; Enjoy.

That has to be the final word.

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  Corporate Offices

More than enough reasons to aspire.

Better Living Sources provides interior and architectural solutions based on specialized knowledge. Our best practices and technology are result oriented to help serve internal and external - customers and business partners of such corporate offices.

Corporate offices deal with important strategic tasks. They take responsibility for overall success of the corporation.

Better Living Sources is a catalyst to such Corporate offices.

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  Residential & Commercial

Catch the mood

Better Living Sources is endowed with refined technical and aesthetic touches one would expect for real estate. Ultra spacious luxury apartments that truly reflect your success and achievements as global citizen.

Your business premises with special taste needs just suitable interior.

Better Living Sources supplies a lifestyle that you have yearned for.

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Education & Healthcare

Rich, powerful and functional

Academic and patient management has taken 180 degree transformation in the last decade. They simply are no more 'need based' area any longer. Architectural aesthetics, decency, easy maintenance, cleanliness and comfort has entered these two segments.

Better Living Sources provides deeply exercised interior solutions to Education and Healthcare sectors. As these two sectors get affected by new inventions and dynamism of time, Better Living Sources serves them up to their best satisfaction.

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